Escaping Lust

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Helana Parkins
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Escaping Lust is the first collection of erotica stories from author Helana Parkins. This collection follows ten tantalizing short stories including: Fantasy erotica, historical medieval erotica, paranormal erotica, action adventure erotica, two men's erotica collections, women's erotica, two contemporary college erotica stories and to top it all off a menage erotica bondage escapade. Escaping Lust includes nine stories with sexy M/F storylines, and a finale of a M/F/M menage. Helana Parkins sets your mind in motion with the gambit of sexual fantasy stories. Consolation Prize Richard is a lawyer who just lost a big case in front of the court. After drinking a bit more, he makes a call. Soon a stunning woman appears. He does not intend to have sex with her, but realizes he can have her act out any fantasy he desires. In Darkness He Walks Alice has always loved the dark. During an investigation in a castle, she starts to sense that someone is watching her. When she starts having dreams of a dark man with a kind voice, she starts to think that it is not all in her mind; what she is feeling is all too real. Her Favorite Class A young college student becomes infatuated with her professor - the problem is she is not the only one. The sexy professor seems to have droves of hot young coeds in his classes. How can she make herself stand out to him? Will You Be My Hostage? Two bank robbers have taken Katherine hostage. The robbers, Red and Charlie, did not intend to do so. While they are figuring out what to do, they hide out in a shabby apartment. Katherine cannot help fantasizing what the two men could do to her while she is bound tightly with ropes. The Supergirl Kent is considered odd for a grown man. He does not maintain real relationships, but instead has fantasy relationships. Kent loves Manga, Anime, and Hentai, especially the character Tamiko. When he finds a video featuring her, he watches it repeatedly until he has every movement memorized. One day something strange happens: Tamiko is in his living room, as real as can be. I've Got the Right Girl A banging at the door suddenly disrupts Laura Morgan's peaceful evening. Two police officers arrest her for selling drugs by mistake. She cannot take her eyes off one of the men. He is so attracted to her sensual body he cannot help touching her more than necessary. Escaping the Fire Diana is waiting to be burned on the stake as a witch. Father Lucius saved her life, and now he is responsible for her approaching death. Suddenly a mysterious man appears guiding her to a secluded lake. The dark stranger surprises her with his identity and makes her feel new and exciting things. Backstage Sandie is a huge fan of Jordan Briggs, lead singer for the band Waterclay. The band is stopping in her town for a concert and she could not be happier. Her plan is to look so good, he cannot help but bring her backstage. From there the performance has only just begun. The Dancer Daniel is a lonely college professor. One night he decides to go to a local strip club. The girls are amazingly gorgeous. There is one who really stands out. He realizes it is one of his students and cannot get her image out of his mind. He works up the courage to make a deal with her. One First For the Last Time An Executive of a marketing company has everything, except intimacy from his wife. He is craving a woman's touch so badly he registers on a dating website. He begins chatting and the conversations become hotter and hotter. Finally, they decide to meet, and have a realization.

Helana Parkins sets your mind in motion with the gambit of sexual fantasy stories.

Consolation Prize

Richard is a lawyer who just lost a big case in front of the court.

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