Start & Run an Event-Planning Business

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Cindy Lemaire, Mardi Foster-Walker
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Make money planning events with style and impress your clients - from weddings to meetings! Start & Run an Event Planning Business shows you how to start and run a successful enterprise by planning events of all kinds - from weddings and private parties to corporate events, meetings, conferences, and sporting events. This book will show you not only how to organize events, but also how to run the business. Keeping track of all the many details involved in putting on a successful event is easy when you have the checklists, schedules, tips, and advice of experts. Written in the step-by-step style that has made the Start & Run series the best of its kind, this indispensable guide will help you make any event - and event-planning business - a resounding success.

1. Register your event management company's business and apply for permits or licenses While you do not need an official certification or license to become an event planner, you may want to register your event management company and business's name. Once you get some experience under your belt and feel ready to make the leap into starting your own business, there's a whole new set of steps to tackle.

Pricing 53 3. Levels of Event Planning Pricing 59 A business owner that is willing to put in long hours early on will be rewarded.