The Story of Australia's People Vol. II

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Geoffrey Blainey
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In Volume II of The Story of Australia's People, GeoffreyBlainey continues his account of the history of this country from theearly Gold Rush to the present day, completing the story of our nationand its people.When Europeans crossed the world to plant a newsociety in an unknown land, traditional life for Australia's firstinhabitants changed forever. For the new arrivals, Australia was a landthat rewarded, tricked,tantalised and often defeated. From the GoldRush to Land Rights and the Digital Age, Blainey brings to life the keyevents of more recent times that have shaped us into the nation andpeople we are today.Compelling, groundbreaking and brilliantly readable, The Story of Australia's People Volume II isthe second instalment of an ambitious two-part work, and theculmination of the lifework of Australia's most prolific andwide-ranging historian.

Africa, China, Europe, the Americas — find out what happened all around the world ... Several people were considered for the post of leader and the Society held a range of meetings in early 1860. ...

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