Unfinished Business

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David Danziger
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David Danziger has enjoyed a rewarding career in business and has no intention of slowing down. In Unfinished Business, David shares the lessons and valuable insights he has learned along his professional trajectory-from working as a storeman at his family's humble haberdashery business in Cape Town to managing some of the leading wholesale and retail giants in South Africa and Australia. David recently sold Albi, the successful home and kitchenware business that he co-owned for nearly two decades. Rather than retiring gracefully, David is applying his business wisdom and expertise to a new enterprise and to mentoring young people who share his entrepreneurial spirit.

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It first aired on July 30, 2013. Unfinished Business reveals the stories of 30 people with disability from Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through their involvement in the project each participant draws much-needed attention to critical issues that impact on their lives.