Cold Heart

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Lynda La Plante
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Movie mogul Harry Nathan's lonely death in a Beverley Hills swimming pool is the beginning of a trail of lust and conspiracy leading to the darkest corners of the international art world. Private investigator Lorraine Page faces her toughest fight ever as she takes on the case for fading starlet Cindy Nathan, Harry's third wife. Lorraine believes the grieving widow's story. Unlike her ex-colleagues in the police department who have already charged Cindy with murder…**Lynda La Plante's Widows is now a major motion picture**

This term already meant lack of love in Shakespeare's time. Men are sometimes stabbed to the heart, shot to the heart; but as to speaking from the heart, or to the heart, or being warm- hearted, or cold-hearted, or broken-hearted, or being all heart, or having no heart--pah! Cold Heart tells the emotional story of Atlas and Brooklyn as they fight their separate pasts to get to their future together. I really liked the premise of the novel.

Tony Bennett's version spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Chart in 1951 and was #7 overall for the year. Hank's own version topped the Country chart. Cold Heart A Lorraine Page Thriller.