White Feathers

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Deborah Challinor
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The gripping second instalment to TAMAR.In 1914, Tamar Murdoch's brothel-keeping days are behind her. Her life is one of ease and contentment at Kenmore, a prosperous estate in the Hawke's Bay, as storm clouds over Europe begin casting long shadows.In this gripping second instalment of Deborah Challinor's sweeping family saga, Tamar's love for her children is sorely tested as one by one they are called, or driven, into the living hell of the First World War. During the Boer War, Joseph, her illegitimate eldest son, fought as a European, but this time he is determined to enlist in the Maori Battalion, despite his growing attraction for his childhood friend, Erin.As loyalties within the Murdoch clan are divided, and the war takes Tamar and Andrew's only daughter far from her sheltered upbringing, the people and experiences their children encounter will shape the destiny of the Murdoch clan for generations to come.

Can you imagine seeing an angel with wings - those wings are pure white to represent the purity and lovingness of the angels. We can trust white feathers and know that they represent Good.

It represents the celestial realm, angels, heaven, and higher dimensions. It denotes protection, peace, hope, faith, trust, innocence, purity, cleansing, and purification. While white feathers are the most common type of feather sent to us by angels, it's not unheard of for brightly coloured feathers to appear when angels are near.