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New York Times best-selling author offers a one-of-a-kind program to help readers finally become happy, thin, and free! Sustainable weight loss expert Susan Peirce Thompson builds on the success of her Bright Line Eating Boot Camps and best-selling book with: The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook! The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook is designed to help readers transition to this transformative way of life as smoothly and solidly as possible. The first book gave explicit instructions as to what the guidelines for each meal are, but no specific suggestions as to what to actually cook. This book provides recipes, as well as tons of tips, tricks, and tools culled directly from the Bright Line Eating community, the "Bright Lifers" themselves! Because Bright Line Eating is unlike any food program out there, this cookbook will be unlike any seen before. It's broken down by warm bowls, cold bowls, and plates. There will be a large section on salad dressings--because Bright Lifers live and die by their dressing! Note: there will not be any "cheat" foods, because those foods keep addiction alive in the brain, slow weight loss, and leave you vulnerable to old habits. Special features: • 75+ delicious recipes • Guidance for getting started and staying the course • Tips and tricks for getting the most from the plan • Jaw-dropping before-and-after stories and photos from successful Bright Lifers • and more! This will be an invaluable companion to the first book, and, for some, an entry into Bright Line Eating and an entirely new way of eating.

It was in 2014 that she first launched her email list and started offering on-line boot camps. And then in 2017 the official Bright Line Eating® book was published for all the world to read. A Full Day of Eating From The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook | In this video I'm taking you along to show you what I eat in a day while not only follow... The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook Weight Loss Made Simple (Book) : Thompson, Susan Peirce : Learn a new way of eating and beat unhealthy food cravings.

I started Bright Line Eating in July 2017 and lost a total of 50 pounds by July 2018. I have maintained that loss.