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Jackie Durnin
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Learn how to communicate with your preverbal baby using baby sign language.The gift of communication between parents and their babies is one of life's true joys. With this exciting book, the process of communicating with your baby could happen sooner than you think!By introducing simple sign language into your home, your baby will soon be communicating what they want and need before they can speak! Studies in baby sign language have highlighted numerous benefits including:? Reduced frustration for Mum, Dad, baby and child care workers.? Advanced early literacy skills.? Improved memory.? Accelerated speech.? Stimulated brain development."What a brilliant idea. I only wish Australian Baby Hands had been around when my children were tiny. Simple to understand, and helpful on so many levels. More than that, an Australian first!" -Lisa Wilkinson, Executive Editor of Madison Magazine, editor at large Australian Women's Weekly, host of Weekend SunrisePlease note: This book is based on AUSLAN - Australian sign language.

Here's Why Your Baby Chews Their Hands. There's a reason.

Step by Step Instruction Booklet with photos. Baby Certificate.