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Tracey Edwards
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Did you know that companies pay dividends no matter what the stock price is doing? Fancy being able to invest, and make money in the stock market, without having to worry about the current ups and downs on price. It's so much less stress, let me tell you. Hey there, I'm Tracey. I invest in the stock market using a dividend investing strategy. Companies pay me every month out of their profits, just for being a stockholder. It's awesome. It means I can get on with life while I get those regular cash deposits. I don't need to check the market and fret over what it's doing. Of course, there are some things I do look for when choosing which companies I want to invest in. It's not totally random. This book is about those things. The three criteria I look for when choosing which stocks to invest in for the dividend income. Whether you've never invested before (I have a chapter on getting started) or whether you want a simpler strategy or just some advice on how to structure a dividend portfolio, this book will be your friend. Want to steal my dividend strategy? Be my guest.

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(Hence 4%*25 = 100% of your expenses!) Let me ... The Basics of Dividend Capture Once the four dividend dates are known, the strategy for capturing a dividend is quite simple. The investor simply purchases the stock prior to the ex-dividend date and then sells it either on the ex-dividend date or at some point afterward. Sub-Strategies for Dividend Growth Investing Though techniques differ by practitioners, the gist of the dividend growth approach tends to involve some combination of the following: Building a collection of shares in great companies who increase their dividends at a rate equal to or substantially in excess of inflation each year When I described my drawdown strategy in early retirement, I stated we will "sell from the taxable account first."I also plan to collect quarterly dividends from my index funds, but if Vanguard were Burger King and I could "have it my way," I'd hold the dividends and take bites out of my account only as needed. Personally, in addition to employer and government pensions, I plan to live on a combination of interest and dividend income and an ever-decreasing allocation to capital gains as I gradually take... Take My Dividend Strategy How To Find Which Stocks To Invest In For The Dividend Income.