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Beatrix Potter inspired generations of children around the world with her vivid imagination through the famous tales starring Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin and many others. Throughout her lifetime, she wrote and illustrated twenty-eight books, including twenty-three tales, which were the little books. Beatrix Potter was also the first to incorporate commercial and merchandising for her characters and tales. These included a Peter Rabbit stuffed toy, an unpublished board game, and nursery wallpaper. Her stories are treasured by those who appreciate her inventive imagination and gentle touch. Generation after generation continues to fall in love with Potter's animated tales and illustrations to this day. In this biography you'll learn more about Beatrix Potter's life. What she did? Why she was involved with farming so much? From where it came the love to animals and what were her "unusual pets?" From where the Beatrix Potter drove inspiration to write her stories, etc.? You'll also learn more about Beatrix Potter's personal relationships, childhood and her circle of influence. If you love her stories, illustrations, and work, learn more about Beatrix Potter. Grab your copy now!

She set up a Nursing Trust for villages in the Lake District. In 1946, Hill Top Farm was ... Beatrix Potter's legacy to children's literature include; twenty-three small books and one longer collection of stories.

Rupert Potter was a lawyer and the Potters lived a comfortable life. Her parents mingled with politicians, writers and artists, and enjoyed drawing and painting immensely. Norman Dalziel Warne (6 July 1868 - 25 August 1905) was the third son of publisher Frederick Warne, and joined his father's firm Frederick Warne & Co as an editor.