Crimes Against Humanity

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Murder, extermination, enslavement, ethnic cleansing, rape, and torture: when carried out in a widespread or systematic way, these constitute ‘crimes against humanity’.And the international community still has a long way to go to eradicate them.In examples ranging from the genocide in Darfur and Rwanda, to the sex trade of Eastern Europe, to the use of torture on detainees, Jones recounts touching real-life stories from victims and survivors of crimes against humanity worldwide.This guide outlines the history and current extent of key crimes against humanity, investigates the current stumbling blocks which prevent full compliance with international law, and highlights many of the success stories.Adam Jones is Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada.He is executive director of Gendercide Watch and is Head of ‘Genocide’ the lead international journal on the subject. Please visit his website at

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God bless you, the Republic and lawfully ... Definition of crime against humanity : atrocity (such as extermination or enslavement) that is directed especially against an entire population or part of a population on specious grounds and without regard to individual guilt or responsibility even on such grounds First Known Use of crime against humanity 1878, in the meaning defined above Stay on top of Crimes Against Humanity latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. Dr Fuellmich says the crimes committed by various health authorities and the WHO must be legally qualified as actual crimes against humanity, as defined in Section 7 of the International Criminal Code and he suggests that the path forward to compensatory damages and to political consequences is through the Class Action lawsuit. Any government that uses coercive measures to enforce the use of a medical drug on the population is committing a crime against humanity. This is due to the diversity of our genetic-makeup yet governments are ignoring this science (epigenetics) to force the COVID19 vaccine on all international travelers who wish to fly on Qantas airlines. Crimes Against Humanity For the purpose of this Statute, 'crime against humanity' means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any... Video (26:02) Mirror CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - Nano Engines In the COVID-19 Tests? Update Adds Kerry Cassidy 02 Infectious Disease, 07 Health, 07 Other Atrocities, 10 Transnational Crime, 11 Society, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence.