The White Road

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John Connolly
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The terrifying thriller from the acclaimed and bestselling author of The Killing Kind.In South Carolina, a young black man faces the death penalty for the rape and murder of Marianne Larousse, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the state. It's a case that nobody wants to touch, a case with its roots in old evil, and old evil is private detective Charlie Parker's speciality. But Parker is about to make a descent into the abyss, a confrontation with dark forces that threaten all that Parker holds dear: his lover, his unborn child, even his soul. . .For in a prison cell, a fanatical preacher is about to take his revenge on Charlie Parker, its instruments the very men that Parker is hunting, and a strange, hunched creature that keeps its own secrets buried by a riverbank: the undiscovered killer Cyrus Nairn. Soon, all of these figures will face a final reckoning in southern swamps and northern forests, in distant locations linked by a single thread, a place where the paths of the living and the dead converge.A place known only as the White Road.About the AuthorJohn Connolly is an Irish writer who is best known for his series of novels starring private detective Charlie Parker.

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The White Road Hike - Kamuela, Hawaii Home - The Order of The White Road Learn online and choose to specialize in one of our seven mystery schools! Sift through ancient truths and discover ancient wisdom through philosophy, metaphysics, theology, and occult studies. Find a community to connect with in person as well as online through our local regencies! The White Road is the story of how objects, through the accumulation of intent, labor and the patina of history, accrue a sense of self." ―Brian Thomas Gallagher, The Seattle Times "[A] shimmering paean to porcelain .