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Judith Rossell
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A Victorian fantasy-adventure, perfect for fans of WILDWOOD and TENSY FARLOW AND THE HOME FOR MISLAID CHILDRENStella Montgomery lives in the Hotel Majestic with her three aunts - Aunt Condolence, Aunt Temperance and Aunt Deliverance - in the town of Withering-by-Sea. Stella would rather dream up adventures inspired by her beloved Atlas than do her needle-point or French lessons, but nothing ever happens at the Hotel Majestic ...Until the day when a shadowy new resident uses the frightening Hand of Glory to put a sleeping spell on the entire hotel - a spell that works on everyone but Stella.Stella discovers Professor Sinistair was searching for a tiny package - a package Stella now has in her possession. But what's so important about it? Why was the Professor willing to kill someone to get it?With the Professor and his henchmen intent on finding her, Stella embarks on a dangerous journey to keep the package safe. She finds allies in fellow orphan Ben, a boy with the ability to see into the past, and Mr Capelli, a theatre performer with a group of singing cats, but even together they are not strong enough to defeat the Professor's dark magic ...Unless there's more to Stella's mysterious heritage than she realises?

38) — Review of Withering-by-Sea Judith Rossell, 2014 single work children's fiction Withering-by-Sea: a Stella Montgomery I ntrigue . TEACHERS' NOTES .

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