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Sulari Gentill
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In early 1933, Rowland Sinclair and his companions are ensconced in the superlative luxury of The Hydro Majestic - Medlow Bath, where trouble seems distant indeed.And then Harry Simpson vanishes. Croquet and pre-dinner cocktails are abandoned for the High Country where Rowland hunts for Simpson with a determination that is as mysterious as the disappearance itself. Stockmen, gangsters and a belligerent writer all gather to the fray, as the investigation becomes embroiled with a much darker conspiracy.Murder, Treason, Trespass, Kidnapping, Betrayal ... Again, Rowland Sinclair finds himself in the middle of it all.About the AuthorAward-winning author Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, ended up graduating in law, and later abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts. When the mood takes her, she paints, although she maintains that she does so only well enough to know that she should write. She grows French black truffles on her farm in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of NSW, which she shares with her young family and several animals.

The audio version is narrated by Rupert Degas. "I found Miles Off Course a gentle avenue into Australian crime fiction. It is a novel written by a woman, for women, and is done so in a very delicate, yet clever way.

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