Bride By Mistake

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Anne Gracie
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Eight years ago, Lieutenant Luke Ripton made a hasty wartime marriage to protect a young girl from a forced union and then left her protected in a remote mountain convent. Now, Luke is Lord Ripton, but he has been unable to obtain an annulment, which leaves him no choice but to collect a wife he never wanted. For nearly a decade, Isabella has waited like a princess locked in a tower, dreaming of her handsome, dark-eyed prince. Her dreams are shattered when Luke reveals himself, not a prince, but an autocratic soldier, expecting her unquestioning obedience, which is something Isabella's fiercely independent nature will not tolerate. But while Luke and Isabella's fiery personalities clash at every turn, they remain bound to their vows, never expecting that the passionate fury they share could become passion of a different kind . . . Praise for Anne Gracie: 'Anne Gracie outdoes herself with Bride by Mistake . . . Not to be missed!' Mary Jo Putney 'I never miss an Anne Gracie book.' Julia Quinn

Discover ... Bride by Mistake is not your typical romance--it is so much more. Fliss and Dominic do a lot of soul-searching and have deep, heartfelt conversations about the meaning of their lives.

Worst day ever. Her heart is broken, and all her carefully laid plans destroyed.