Using Data to Improve Learning

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Anthony Shaddock
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Using Data to Improve Learning explains how teachers can incorporate 'no-frills' engagement with data, collected by themselves and others, into day-to-day teaching so that the process is useful, empowering and enjoyable. It presents strategies that are practical enough to attract teachers' interest, feasible enough to implement in ongoing and sustainable ways and rigorous enough to make immediate and positive differences to teaching and learning. The clear, step-by-step approach to theory is reinforced by 'at a glance' chapter summaries, integrated tips and real world examples throughout. Appropriate for all those who are new to engaging with data, those who may have little access to support from mentors or critical friends and those who want to extend the way they use data in their school or classroom, Using Data to Improve Learning provides a practical guide to the principles of action learning and school-based inquiry. In recognition of the challenges faced by busy teachers-the constant swathe of initiatives and reforms and the complexity of schools and school systems-the value of collaboration is emphasised. With teachers working together to collect, analyse, discuss and act upon data, the objectives of meeting professional standards and improving learning outcomes of students are shown to be both achievable and essential to effective teaching today.

Using data with students empowers them and allows them to take control of their learning. Students of all ages can use data, helping them to understand learning as a process of growth over time.

Clearly, K-12 leaders hold the keys to data-driven improvement. And if they want to lead this practice effectively in their schools, they ... Using classroom assessment to improve student learning is not a new idea.