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Richard Powers
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WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTION 2019SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2018THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA wondrous, exhilarating novel about nine strangers brought together by an unfolding natural catastrophe'Really, just one of the best novels, period' Ann Patchett'The best book I've read in ten years' Emma Thompson 'Dazzlingly written' Robert Macfarlane 'Breathtaking' Barbara KingsolverAn artist inherits a hundred years of photographic portraits, all of the same doomed American chestnut. A hard-partying undergraduate in the late 1980s electrocutes herself, dies, and is sent back into life by creatures of air and light. A hearing- and speech-impaired scientist discovers that trees are communicating with one another. An Air Force crewmember in the Vietnam War is shot out of the sky, then saved by falling into a banyan.This is the story of these and five other strangers, each summoned in different ways by the natural world, who are brought together in a last stand to save it from catastrophe. 'It's not possible for Powers to write an uninteresting book' Margaret Atwood'The best... Should be mandatory reading the world over' Emilia Clarke'It's a masterpiece' Tim Winton'Radical and exciting' Jessie Burton

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The first part begins in the mid-1800s, following the Hoel family as Jørgen Hoel brings six chestnuts from New York and plants them at his new home in Iowa. One seedling survives and grows massive, even as a blight wipes out most of the country's other chestnuts. The Overstory begins with the Hoel family, Norwegians who emigrated to Brooklyn in the mid-19th century, before setting out for Iowa and starting a farm.