Babette's Feast

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Isak Dinesen, Karen Blixen
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In this witty classic short story Babette's Feast, a mysterious French housekeeper, who is taken in by two Danish sisters, wins the lottery and as a gesture of gratitude prepares an extravagant and sumptuous feast for a gathering of religious, ascetic, aging villagers and, in doing so, introduces them to the true essence of charity and grace.

Before long, Babette has convinced them to try something other than boiled codfish and ale bread: a gourmet French meal. Her feast scandalizes the elders, except for the visiting general. Delicious, delightfully presented, quality catering with personalised service. Babette's Feast (English Subtitled) (892) IMDb 7.8 1h 43min 1987 G Two devout and elderly sisters allow their cook, a French refugee, to prepare a feast in honor of their late father's 100th birthday, despite their spiritual concerns over the sensuality and decadence of French cuisine.

Today, viewers will probably have to prepare their own feasts, but the recipes are still readily available. The film, however, is about a great deal ... Designed to be set up for self service on a selection of Barbette's Feast platters and can include wooden cutlery for service if required.