Life and Times on Sydney Buses

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Mary-Jane Field, Lucienne West (Illustrator)
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A charming collection of little stories collected over the half-decade ending 2020 about people and happenings involving Sydney buses. Some are humorous and heart-warming, others are salutary lessons about life, and one or two are sad commentaries on the human condition. All are accounts of things the author observed over a period of several years when she was a frequent bus traveler. Most of the stories involve travel from the Eastern suburbs to the Sydney city centre, showcasing historic landmarks along the way. They shine a light on the wonderful variety of people living in Sydney who travel on the buses - for work, university, tourism, school, shopping, or just for an outing.

Do you ... Buses account for close to six per cent of trips each day in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, forming a key part of the city's public transport system.The network initially evolved from a privately operated system of feeder services to railway stations in the outer suburbs, and a publicly operated network of bus services introduced to replace trams in the inner suburbs. 1 Welcome to the Sydney Buses Wiki! 2 Contents 3 News 4 Contact Sydney Buses This wiki aims to provide information about the Metropolitan Sydney Bus Network, including information on bus models in the fleet, bus manufacturers and depots and bus routes. Buses- Bus models in the Sydney Buses fleet.

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