Starting School

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Jane Godwin, Anna Walker (Illustrator)
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Tim, Hannah, Sunita, Joe and Polly are all off to school for the first time.? Would you like to meet them and see how they go?? There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn, and lots of different things to discover. From Jane Godwin and Anna Walker comes this beautiful book focussing on the experiences and feelings of five very different children as they begin at school for the first time. Jane's simple words and ideas combine with Anna's gentle and detailed illustrations to help children feel comfortable about taking this big step.

Click to play the game. It's your first day at school! This is a great game to play with your child ... Starting School by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker When five different children start school they have five different experiences.

Buy a discounted Hardcover of Starting School online from Australia's leading online bookstore. Starting school is a big change for a child. Helping your child to understand what is happening can reduce stress and fear on their part.