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James Smith
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The follow up to James Smith's international number one bestseller, Not a Diet Book.Do you love your job?Does your future excite you?Are your relationships working for you? James Smith is back to challenge everything you thought you knew about the path to fulfilment and happiness. With hard-hitting home truths and a helping of tough love, be prepared to re-set your outlook, redefine your goals and truly consider: What does SUCCESS truly mean to you?Now, more than ever, is the time to take back control. Time to stop sleep-walking through your life; to challenge the status quo; and to truly ask yourself if you're on the right path to success, happiness and fulfilment. Only you can take the reins of your own life and choose to make a change, but with invaluable experience, a hunger for genuine happiness, and a drive to be the kind of coach he needed when his life was broken, James can give you the tools to do it.

They will challenge you to think in new and ... Not all life coaches take the same approach to a problem, so what you get out of the process may have a lot to do with the type of relationship you have with your coach. Look for a coach that is suited to working with your personality type and approach to solving problems.

We see you as creative, resourceful, and whole on your own and are there to help you believe in your own intuition. We offer curious questions, new perspectives, and challenges that honor your goals and what you need to live your best life.