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If you are tired of suffering from chronic pain and fatigue....This book is for you. Fibromyalgia now affects up to 8% of the population. Despite increased recognition of this disabling and chronic condition, it has been estimated that millions of sufferers are still undiagnosed. If you are stressed from struggling to legitimize a diagnosis and garner support through the health care system...This book is for you. We will take an in-depth look at current scientific research surrounding fibromyalgia syndrome. We will simplify the medical jargon into a language that makes it easy to understand, what truly causes fibromyalgia. We will explore the challenges of diagnosing this disease. We will clear up any barriers that make it difficult to differentiate this illness from others, which present similarly. If you are frustrated by the lack of power you have over your fibromyalgia syndrome...This book is for you. We will begin with a thorough explanation of the recommended blood work and laboratory tests you should to talk to your doctor about. We will focus on getting rid of pain, clearing the "brain fog"; losing weight, and healing our gut, while boosting energy and mood. We will discuss what vitamins, herbs, supplements and pharmaceuticals are beneficial for thyroid and adrenal health; as well as pain and energy. We will touch on the mental health challenges we face when battling fibromyalgia; with new initiatives for balancing our stress hormone, cortisol. The knowledge presented to here is purposeful, specific and aimed to target the root cause of fibromyalgic illness. This book will give you agency over your fibromyalgia syndrome through a profound, new understanding of this disease. If you are trying to access simplified and current, scientific research...This book is for you. We have put forth a simple to understand, comprehensive and multi-faceted Naturopathic Medicine Fibromyalgia Protocol here. This book will provide the most up-to date research in natural medical treatments. This is the holy-grail fibromyalgia book because it includes: -Specific doses of evidence-based natural medicines. -A detailed Gut Health Guide for fibromyalgia patients who also suffer from gastrointestinal issues, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). -An individualized Diet Plan, which includes precise options of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. -Research-supported physical therapy and exercises specifically for fibromyalgia patients. Many of which you can do from the comfort of your home! -A Traditional Chinese Medicine Fibromyalgia Acupuncture Guide. This guide summarizes effective acupuncture point selections which have been compiled through extensive research and clinical practice. It is my ultimate goal to arm each fibromyalgia patient with an arsenal of easy, evidence-based, medical treatment options. The time has come to finally find reprieve from this crippling disease and shout F*CK fibromyalgia!

The amount of pain experienced can vary throughout the day and can also worsen with a change in weather; increase in stress, noise, and activity; and lack of sleep. Stiffness of muscles and joints may be most noticeable in ... Fibromyalgia causes body-wide pain and extreme tiredness.

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