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I have a secret. I hooked up with my mom's fiance! One night at a bar, I met an irresistible, hunky as hell man. We had lots of fun, and it was absolutely yummy. But the next day, I found out that Jake was engaged ... TO MY MOM! OMG!!! He's gonna be my stepdad? We just shared a steamy night not long ago. How can he be getting married to my mom now? But it just kept happening again and again. At the engagement party. At the bridal shower. Even at the wedding itself. It's filthy, absolutely dirty, and disgusting. But I want my mom's hunky fiance so bad ... Hey Readers -- This taboo story is gonna make you scream and cry and do all sorts of naughty things :) Indulge your fantasies and turn the fan on HIGH because this tale will make you want more ... and more ... and more. As always, HEA guaranteed with no cheating and no cliffhangers. Enjoy! xoxo, Cassie

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