Paranormal Love Part 1

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Vanessa E. Silver
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Paranormal Love Part 1 - 5 Paranormal & Erotic Short Stories Total word count 21,563. Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story. Madame Sinclair's Pupil Jenny believes that getting the attention of her sexy boss Richard may be near hopeless. Well, that is until she meets the charismatic Madame Georgina Sinclair, a famous and successful Courtesan from the past, whom just happens to be a ghostly presence in her new apartment. But it is only when she literally joins forces with Madame Sinclair that she begins to realise that perhaps all is possible in love and life! Seduced By My Ghost Roommate Jessica finds herself both frustrated and lonely when she moves into a new apartment with her workaholic boyfriend Shane who continues to show her little attention. In normal circumstances, Jessica would, therefore, have thought her current situation hopeless had she not soon discovered that her new apartment is already inhabited by the other-worldly form of Mr Jonas Franklin who is more than willing to do what Shane is incapable of and satisfy all her unfulfilled desires! Linked Jacqueline thinking herself cursed with an ability that she does not want attempts to retreat from her old life to live away from all others in the countryside as a semi recluse. However, Jacqueline finds her desire to be alone made extremely difficult by another just like herself who is powerfully linked to her, and who is determined to claim Jacqueline as his own! Taken By My Vampire Neighbour Jennifer is very apprehensive on arriving back at her old home, which triggers off a mixture of happy, painful and confused emotions as she reflects on her past memories. The most pressing of which is that of her former extremely attractive but strange acting neighbour Marcus, who she has always continued to wonder about even after over four years of no contact with him. So it may come as a surprise to Jennifer to find that Marcus still lives in his old residence next door. And furthermore, that Marcus has been waiting impatiently for her return, to take what he has long ago marked as belonging to him! Letting Go! When Aiden escapes from his pack within an inch of his life, he had not expected to meet, let alone be aided by Kerry, an ex cop living out in a remote farmhouse location who is also escaping her own set of demons. But now their paths have crossed Aiden finds it an almost impossible struggle to let go of Kerry as his passion and desire for her becomes inflamed!

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