Dragon Fixation

Dragon Fixation - Amelia Jade | 2020-eala-conference.org PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on 2020-eala-conference.org.


Amelia Jade
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Pretend to be the mate to a hunk who thinks he's a dragon shifter? It's not exactly what Corporal Carla Giannone signed up for when she joined the military, hoping to help protect those who didn't have a voice. But his muscles and charm say yes, as does the forty-eight hours of leave that she just started. What could go wrong? Awoken from his slumber and told that he's to be used as a weapon by the human military, Thorne is growing angry. He should be asked, not told; his power as a dragon must be respected and feared. With his own interests in mind he convinces a gorgeous woman to help him trick those in charge to sending him on his way. Only he never expected it to be more than just a joke... Ripped away from the unit that had become her family and stuffed into a downtown apartment suite with the so-called dragon shifter, Carla doesn't know how to act. Especially when he comes to her and says that it wasn't a joke after all. She really is his mate. Caught between her desire to return to the military and her burgeoning feelings for the dragon, Carla knows there must be a way she can have both. But will she find the answer in time?

While it wasn't truly alive, in the hands of the dragon shifter that wielded it there was little difference. The wrist-thick blazing line wrapped around the matte-black armored figure and with ... Read "Dragon Fixation Onyx Dragons, #1" by Amelia Jade available from Rakuten Kobo.

Today the JRA Equestrian center was hosting a horse Auction to raise money for the "Riding for the Disabled" charity. Assana had volunteered to put Magic Charlie into the auction ring knowing he would bring in alot of money.