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Christian Pahlke
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Christian Pahlke shows you the easiest way to play fantastic strumming patterns on guitar. He knows how it feels, when you have a song which you would like to sing but you have no rhythm for. With his guitar impact patterns he opens a new world for you. The world of fantastic guitar rhythm for almost any song. He has collected them over almost 40 years. Try it, otherwise you would not believe it. Impress the world with your own incredible sound. Do you wanna sing and play "perfect" by Ed Sheeran? Sign of the times by Harry Styles ? No problem. Take my patterns and use them. No secrets nor magic tricks, only knowledge for low money. Play it and you will feel it what I mean. There is also a book inside the cloud with lyrics, chords and patterns with Amazing Grace, Aura Lee, Banks of the Ohio, House of the rising sun, Oh my darling, Streets of Laredo, Greensleeves, Oh Danny boy, Loreena, Whiskey in the jar, Wild Rover and others. NEW NEW NEW Right now, you can get the sounds as files out of my cloud. After buying send me the screenshot of the deal and you will get the link. [email protected]

He's toured, performed and recorded with real life rockstars and Grammy award winners (members from Jethro Tull and David Bowies band). It is one of Pink Floyd's most known and acclaimed songs and is ideal for campfire situations. This song is in E minor and holds one of the most studied riffs in rock music.

Genre: Folk rock. Let's see if your friends can sing along to this 1971 Neil Young song.