30 Soap Making Recipes Under 30 Minutes

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Susan Rider
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Making your own soap is healthier on the skin because you know what ingredients goes into it. It is fun as well and makes a great gift. Natural homemade soaps are safe to use. Besides wanting a toxic soap devoid of chemicals that can damage to the skin, you can also enjoy the benefits of a well- lathered, moisturized and beautifully-looking soap that you can give out to friends, family and acquaintances. There are so many different options and combinations available. Using nutrient-dense plant-based oils and butters that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants will greatly enhance your skin and body. This book is a compilation of 30 quick and easy fun recipes that you can comfortably make in your home. They are healthy, natural and really fun to make. you can also get creative and package them as gifts to those you love. what's more, there are also many beuatiful holiday- themed soaps for Valentine, Christmas, Birthdays, Halowwen, Easter, Thanksgiving ... in short, any celebration worth celebrating, there's a soap that you can quickly make and gift out! Ther's something for everyone in this collection. Scroll up, Cick the button and Get Yours Now!