Getting Along with Horses

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Crissi McDonald, Susan Tasaki (Editor)
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In Getting Along with Horses: An Evolution in Understanding, you are challenged to reframe common beliefs about horses. A peaceful relationship is something many horse people, strive for. Yet, some of the lessons that are taught about horses make it difficult to feel the connection they seek. Some training techniques are anything but peaceful. Seeing horses for who and what they are is key to cooperative interactions with them. Instead of relying on antiquated practices or outdated information that cause misunderstandings, you can look at other ways of fostering confidence. Through stories taken from the author's life with horses and the experiences that have shaped her as a horsewoman, you will discover ways to shift your own understanding to get closer to the horse's point of view. Making this shift has the potential to expand and deepen the course of your partnership with your horse. In this book, it all begins with knowing that horses are hardwired to get along. If you're looking for a different way of seeing your horse, you will find ideas here that will help you get along with them, and quite possibly, yourself as well.

Some try to breed the mares when they are in heat, even though ... In general, horses and sheep get along well with each other once they've had time to get used to one another. Horses are fight or flight animals, and if a sheep is introduced too quickly, they can view it as a threat and attack it.

Must be able to be left if gone to a show or must be able to travel ... Yes it is normal for there to be squabbles when introducing a new horse. It is best to introduce over a good, solid fence.