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Has anyone ever asked you, "What's your sign?" Do you answer them with your Sun sign? Or do you expand their knowledge by telling them not only your Sun sign, but also the signs where your Ascendant and Moon are? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of the numbers behind everything in your life? Have you been wanting to know if events and circumstances have been divinely guided? If you want to learn more about the sciences of Astrology and Numerology then keep reading! Within this book, you will find 2 books in 1.... Astrology Activated: Cutting Edge Insight Into the Ancient Art of Astrology (Understanding Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes) as well as Numerology: Your Destiny Decoded: Personal Numerology For Beginners. Some of the highlights of Astrology Activated are: How the planets affect the astrological chart and the zodiac signs A review of the 12 signs of the zodiac and which planet rules each sign How a natal chart is drawn, an explanation of the houses, zodiac signs, and each element that affects each sign Your sun sign and how it relates to your birth and the characteristics that go with it How to determine your moon sign and your rising sign Find out if your birth date falls on a cusp and how you're affected by both signs Find out if you're reading your horoscope correctly - are you just focusing on your sun sign? In Numerology, Your Destiny Decoded: Personal Numerology For Beginners, you will find: ?A brief history of numerology and the uses of it ?The way that Pythagoras used to assign a number to each letter and thus be able to calculate the numbers that will later be interpreted ?Simple and practical ways to break down and interpret the date and month of birth ?The secret behind the work we have been doing from past lives, The mission of life, discovered through the complete date of birth of each person. ?Lessons on how to calculate using the name and surname of the person, ?Lessons on how to calculate the day, month, and personal year that can be used for making daily decisions ?Finally, the reader can learn about the strong and weak numbers, and the personality of their children and other family members according to numerology. Between both books you will have a comprehensive understanding of the spiritual sciences of both astrology and numerology. So scroll up and click BUY NOW to begin your journey into the sacred sciences of Astrology and Numerology today!

Numerology works with astrology by combining their studies to distinguish your personality traits and predict the future. Astrology & Numerology 2021 Numerology and Predictions Numerology and the Year of 5 Numerology is the study of numbers and how they affect us on the cosmic plane. Simply put, it's life's vibrations... See more of Astrology And Numerology on Facebook.

Astrologers have used such charts to help them determine an individual's personality. Astrology and Numerology Reports The Astrology and Numerology Reports are like full readings. The Reports are available to be purchased online or they can be purchased and printed out for you at the Psychic Awareness Magical Fair.