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Ben Hammott
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Xtro - The new threat to Mankind. Alien Invasive Horror Thriller Still recovering from their recent ordeal fighting EV1L in the Russians secret underground laboratory, Richard, Boris, and the surviving members of the SEAL team find themselves battling a new alien species. It only has one objective, to reproduce and spread its spores across the planet. It could prove to be the deadliest extraterrestrial foe yet encountered. Failure to stop it spawning will bring about an event of apocalyptic proportions-the annihilation of the human race and a new species not of this Earth ruling the world. From Siberia to the remote American town of Devil Falls, Richard's unwavering drive for self-preservation will be pushed to its limits if he is to survive his latest confrontation with an alien species. Xtro is the fourth book in the best-selling ICE RIFT series and continues directly where ICE RIFT-SIBERIA ended. Although it can be read as a stand-alone book, I would recommend you read the whole series for maximum reading pleasure and to understand the characters and their motivation. "I'll tell you how dangerous it is in a language you movie-loving Americans will understand. It would eat The Thing for breakfast, Alien for lunch, Predator for dinner, and still have room for dessert!" Richard Whorley

The creature effects are honestly better than I expected from this film, but the plot is completely nonsensical. In turns it rips off beats from the likes of Ridley Scott, John Carpenter, and David Cronenberg, who ... XTRO.

Tony's father Sam's abducted by aliens. 3 years earlier, he returns to earth and seeks his wife and son, but she's been living with someone else. "Xtro" (1983) is a very weird little slice of Sci-Fi Horror and one of the few British films that landed on the UK film censors' infamous 'Video Nasty' list.