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Have you decided to learn how to crochet and don't know where to start? Crochet is an ancient art that embodies an incredible tradition of knowledge and craftsmanship. Crochet is beautiful but mistakes are easy. In this guide, I have listed 5 of the most common crochet mistakes I have made, which others are making and many others will make.Fun and simple projects to make Learn a variety of crochet stitches and skills Perfect for absolute beginners Projects include hats, scarves, mittens, baby blankets, scented hearts, granny squares and more!This is the ONLY beginner's book you'll need to start to crochet today!! Scroll to the top and click the Buy Now button.

To begin, make a foundation chain of 13 stitches. Yarn over hook, insert hook in 3rd chain from hook (under back loop).

When you're choosing a beginner crochet hook, opt for one made out of aluminum because the yarn will make the yarn easily glide. The three basic crochet supplies you'll need include: An aluminum crochet hook​ size I-9 or H-8, whichever feels best in your hand One of the best things about crochet is that even if you're a beginner, you can make beautiful, functional items.