Mrs Pollifax On China Station

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Dorothy Gilman
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The cheerful Mrs Pollifax is once again plunged headfirst into a hair-raising secret mission. Posing as a tourist, she is sent on a CIA operation to China, to help rescue a dissident engineer from a labour camp and smuggle him out of the country ... "before the Russians get to him". Not all goes as planned though - and Mrs P. all but loses her life in the bargain. Armed with only an open mind and a little karate, Mrs Pollifax is the most unlikely and lovable of international spies. What readers are saying: "Love, love, love Mrs Pollifax. Ms Gilman has an extraordinary way of keeping you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages of her books." "How can a sweet little old lady get into so much trouble? Mrs Pollifax is a gem and a hoot!" "A book that gives you a big smile on every page. I'm looking forward to my next Mrs Pollifax adventure." "Who wouldn't fall in love with a senior citizen who wears absurd hats, pushes the book cart at the hospital, and knows karate?" "I first read the Mrs Pollifax books when I was a little girl and I keep coming back to read the books again and again." "Read it, it's the best thing you can do for yourself. It's like a reminder of the zest for life." Editorial reviews: "Mrs Pollifax is an enchantress." New York Times "Mrs Pollifax gives Agatha Christie's Miss Marple a rival to reckon with." Toronto Star "Filled with adventures-and misadventures-but through it all Mrs Pollifax is triumphant." Booklist "Absorbing and worthwhile ... You won't want to put the book down." Portland Telegram "The pace never flags, bolstered by the shrewd Mrs P. and a host of well-defined characters who all work their surprising wiles." Publishers Weekly "Should delight you whether you're looking for smiles or thrills." New York Times Book Review "All's right with the world as long as Mrs Pollifax is part of it." Mobile Register

About the Author. Dorothy Gilman (1923-2012) was the author of 14 Mrs.

Virgil (Emily) Pollifax of New Brunswick, New Jersey, is once again plunged headfirst into a hair-raising CIA mission. Posing as a tourist in China, Mrs.