The B on Your Thumb

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Colette Hiller, Tor Freeman (Illustrator)
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"This collection of 60 poems to help three to seven-year-olds learn to read and spell is a hoot." *—*The Independent "The B on your Thumb is clever, engaging, educational and fun. I wish I had thought of it." —Craig Smith, author / songwriter of The Wonky Donkey "an absolute masterpiece" —Reading Zone The B on Your Thumb is a book of 60 hilariously illustrated rhymes and delightful ditties to boost early reading - each poem teaches a specific sound, spelling or rule. Using rhythm and wordplay, they promote phonics awareness, thinking skills and literacy. But most of all, this book delights young readers with the fun and silliness of the English language. This is a book where words like to play, where letters get cross when they don't get their way. There are sounds to make and jokes to uncover. An owl in your bowl, for you to discover. Meet the K on your knee, who's ready for fun, and don't be alarmed by the B on your thumb! An introduction instructs grown-ups how to use the book and extensive activities at the end allow children to build on their learning. Grouped into four categories - sounds, silent letters and secrets, spellings and words that sound the same - the poems include:See with Two Ees The Story of Q and U The Rain in the Train Ridiculous Ph Enough of Uff Certainly a C The Most ImportANT Which Witch**Learning to read has never been so much fun!**The B on Your Thumb is a must for every young family's bookshelf.

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