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Shannon Sovndal
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Life is fragile. When Shannon Sovndal started medical school, he was confident and motivated-and felt invincible. He thought he was going in with his eyes wide open. Really, he had no clue. Nothing could prepare him for the harsh reality of being a compassionate human and working as an ER doctor. In his emotionally charged memoir, Sovndal examines the tenuous balance between trying to compartmentalize the trauma of tragedy while also preserving his own humanity. With candor and humility, Fragile pulls back the curtain on the ER, a place where Sovndal has learned that universal truths about the human condition can be discovered-if you pause long enough to take a breath. At turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, serious and funny, Sovndal's memoir is about trying to reconcile the beautiful and horrific tension that makes life so fragile, and how accepting that hard truth opens us up to appreciate life's most precious moments-which are often the ones most filled with connection, hope, and love.

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Fragile X is caused by a change in a single gene, the FMR-1 gene. This gene helps create a protein that is needed for healthy brain development. Fragile X-associated Disorders are a family of inherited conditions caused by alterations (expansions) in the FMR1 gene (Fragile X gene) which is located on the X chromosome.