How to Make Hard Seltzer

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Hard seltzer is a booming category in the world of lifestyle beverages and many craft brewers are lending their artisanal skills to this refreshing beverage. Simple to make and with a wide range of creative flavor additions, hard seltzer is a sparkling alternative for beer lovers looking to give their palate a different experience. Learn about the development of the current market and delve into the intricacies of sugars used in making seltzer. Understand the different regulations for this beverage based on how you make it so you can be in legal compliance. Explore recipes, serving suggestions, and even cocktails for using hard seltzer. In this guide, the author provides recipes and advice for making seltzer for both commercial and home enjoyment.

But the flavor profile ... This is the main critique of hard seltzers, but one that may not be a major deal breaker in a beverage market filled with different brands of water, carbonated water, and mildly flavored carbonated water. Just a reminder that creative marketing can always make up for the lack of real differentiation.

Once pure alcohol is watered down to 60% it can then be considered Vodka. How to Make Homemade Hard Seltzer Recipes: Add the desired flavor to a large glass, you can use more than one (the lime and strawberry are my favorite combination!) Use a muddler to squash and muddle the fruit, top with zero calorie simple syrup and vodka. Add ice to the glass, top with soda water and use a long spoon to stir. Hard Seltzer Hard seltzers are all the rage, promising low calories, low carbs, zero sugar and offering 5% or more alcohol by volume.