A Housebound Holiday

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Aleksa Baxter
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It's spring 2020 in the Baker Valley of Colorado and things are not going to plan. Instead of spending the month of April getting some quality time in with her new husband, Maggie May Carver finds herself locked down with a hyperactive eight-year-old and his disconnected mother. On top of that her grandpa is definitely up to something. Which, given his history, is not a good thing. Come celebrate Easter with Maggie May, Miss Fancypants, and the rest of the crew, and find out why combining ex-cons and explosives can sometimes be a good thing.

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How to Apply For A&A or Housebound Benefits ... Devious Linda Metcalf, 37, has been jailed after claiming she was "housebound" and could hardly walk or stand, rarely went out and couldn't even dress herself. She claimed her local trust's medical negligence meant she needed sticks to get around and was unable to drive.