Stunning 3-D Quilts Simplified

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Ruth Ann Berry
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Sew three-dimensional quilt illusions Create a stunning quilt that will have your friends asking, "How did you do that?" Believe it or not, these attention-grabbing projects come together with straight rows of simple shapes. You'll learn how to sew 12 visually arresting quilts each in 4 colorways giving you dozens of dynamic options. Build your confidence in bias piecing, as you pair light, medium, and dark fabrics for heavenly hexes. Don't be intimidated-just follow the easy assembly diagrams and watch your quilt come together one row at a time with no inset seams. These 3-D illusions are so impressive, you won't know whether to keep them on the bed or hang them on the wall.Sew 3-D illusion quilts that have your friends asking how you did it Arrange 60-degree triangles in rows for easy piecing with no inset seams Build your confidence in bias piecing, mixing color values for dimensional effects

About the Author. Ruth Ann Berry owned a pharmacy for many years before converting it into a quilt shop.

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