Parenting in a Pandemic

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Dr. Kelly Fradin
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Best-selling author Emily Oster says "This book is fantastic. Dr. Fradin delivers a timely resource parents need." Psychiatrist and New York Times contributor Dr. Pooja Lakshmin says "Answering the big questions on every parent's mind, Parenting in a Pandemic cuts through the noise, equipping parents with accurate information so they can make the best decisions for their families." Parents are burning out while kids need more help than ever. With so many families in crisis, pediatrician and child advocate Dr. Kelly Fradin sees an urgent need for help. As a mother of two, Dr. Fradin shares her practical, evidence-based and reassuring advice on what's important to know. Parents are forced to adapt and make decisions now despite constant change and many unknowns. In Parenting in a Pandemic, Dr. Fradin provides all the tools you need to help navigate coronavirus. The book breaks down the science necessary to understand the news and care for your family. Dr. Fradin explains the specific risks of coronavirus to children of all ages and adults, including parents, grandparents, pregnant women, and essential workers. She gives realistic strategies you can use to improve this time for your family. Parents who read the book will feel better prepared to make the right decisions with confidence. The pandemic is still unfolding and the science may change, but these approaches will help you feel better and lead your family through this difficult time.

From homeschooling to keeping the family entertained during lockdown, Covid-19 has presented some unprecedented challenges for parents. We get so ... It has been almost a year of pandemic parenting, an all-consuming, ever-changing chaos that has tested American families in unprecedented ways.

"You know your car doors are open?" he asked. Pandemic Parenting Scenes and snippets from families navigating an all-consuming crisis. It was a hard year that just kept getting harder.