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Annabelle Anders
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A widow. A younger Man. And a midnight visit to the wrong bedchamber. THE LADY Lady Asherton is proper, lovely and... lost; Widowed and thirty— her engagement to an older gentleman may be her last chance to become a mother. THE RAKE The Marquess of Rockingham is gorgeous, exciting and loyal to his family. He's never met a woman he can't have and the world is at his feet. He is young— too young. She's engaged— to his uncle. Two unlikely lovers are faced with a choice. Will they risk everything and embrace the passion of a lifetime or give in to society's dictates and forever endure the ashes of regret? Lord Rockingham has a problem; he can't stop lusting after his uncle's fiance.

Quickstep back into a bygone era of style and glamour! Join Victoria Newton, the WAYJO Tuesday Night orchestra plus all three of their band vocalists, for this songful showcase of beloved big band music. Victoria Newton has serenaded audiences across the world with her ... On April 4, 1943, a B-24D Liberator nicknamed Lady Be Good took off from Soluch, an airstrip located near Bengazi, Libya, for what would be her first and final mission.

A composer and his songwriter wife clash as they succeed in working together, writing hit Broadway shows, but fail in their marriage to the point of getting divorced twice. Lady, Be Good! (title sometimes presented with an exclamation point) is a musical written by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson with music by George and lyrics by Ira Gershwin.It was first presented on Broadway in 1924; the West End production followed in 1926. The story of the musical is about a brother and sister who are out of money; both are eager to sacrifice themselves to help the other. A ground crew eventually located the site, where a quick inspection of the remains identified it as a B-24D Liberator called the Lady Be Good, an Allied bomber that had disappeared following a bombing run in Italy in 1943. The Lady Be Good: Since her discovery deep in the Libyan desert in 1958/59, many thousands of people have been fascinated by the story of the ill-fated B-24D Liberator bomber named "Lady Be Good".