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The third edition of Mastering Medical Terminology Australia and New Zealand is the go-to textbook for medical terminology. Written by Sue Walker, Maryann Wood and Jenny Nicol, the text has been fully updated to reflect current medical terminology and the local healthcare environment. Terms are demystified through an interactive and easy-to-follow instructional process. Students learn the basics of word structures first, then tackle the more complex terminology associated with the human body as a whole and then each body system. The terminology associated with special applications is also included.? The textbook includes a pronunciation guide and practice exercises, examples of terminology in context and diagrams and illustrations to enhance understanding.Simple, non-technical explanations of medical terms Explanations of clinical procedures, laboratory tests and abbreviations used in Australian and New Zealand clinical practice Pronunciation of terms Exercises to test your understanding of terminology - crosswords, anagrams, multiple-choice questions, match the column, fill in the blank, label the diagram, analyse and interpret medical documents and word-building exercises Comprehensive glossaries of word elements and medical terms A list of commonly used clinical abbreviations Links to other useful references such as websites and textbooks An e-book included in all print purchasesAdditional resources on EvolveAn eBook on VitalSourceInstructor resources:PowerPoint slides Semester Planner Lesson plan Testbank Image libraryStudent and instructor resources:FlashcardsMCQ'sAudio GlossaryNew Evolve resources including flashcards and multiple-choice questionsAudio glossary - practise pronouncing more than 2,500 medical terms with the new 'hear, say and playback' option on Evolve

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