Wolf Of Sight

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Quinn Loftis, Leslie McKee (Editor), Kelsey Keeton (Photographer)
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To become a witch or not to become a witch? That is the question. At least that's the question Kara, Heather, and Stella, three of the gypsy healers, are facing. The high fae ambassador, Perizada, the healers, and a host of wolves are in a race against time to create the witch army that Volcan desires. But they must also keep the gypsy healers, beings of pure light and goodness, from becoming evil in the process. Should be a piece of cake. Meanwhile, the werewolf males are fighting their innate hunger to mark their mates and finish the Blood Rites, thereby keeping their own darkness at bay. If they remain unbound, a chink forms in the packs' armor, one that Volcan won't hesitate to exploit when he finds it.

This book takes you on a journey of emotions. There is amusement, joy, love, anger and heartbreak.

To become a witch or ... Wolf of Sight Book 5 of the Gypsy Healer Series By Quinn Loftis Published by Quinn Loftis Books, LLC Little Rock, Arkansas © 2019 Quinn Loftis Books LLC United States The Wolf of Sight, book 5 of the Gypsy Healer series takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, embracing the good, fearing the bad and ugly evil. The Great Luna has entrusted Peri with the safety and welfare of these five young girls, each from a different walk of life, each having their own baggage.