MBA ASAP Reading and Understanding Financial Statements

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I really enjoyed reading it being a Corporate Finance professional. It's the best piece of info to read to know the main areas of Corporate Finance. Aqeel Javed After reading John Cousins' book I was finally able to understand a subject that has been, for me, very foreign and intimidating. He makes the topic of corporate finance accessible to people like me who need the knowledge but easily get lost "in the weeds". Clear and very easy to digest and apply! Lizabeth I have read both Understanding Financial Statements and Corporate Finance.The material is very well organized in an absolutely necessary short-form, giving exactly the core values of the subject. Petros ________________________________ Being able to read and understand financial statements is a fundamental skill to understanding how businesses function. Since financial statements are the end product of accounting, understanding them provides the context for understanding accounting. Being able to read financial statements will also help you make better investment decisions in the stock market because you will be able to get meaningful information out of an Annual Report or a 10K. If you are an entrepreneur planning a start up then understanding financial statements is critical as you meet with investors and VCs. _________________________________ MBA ASAP is dedicated to helping you learn skillsets that will make you more valuable at your job, help you start something on the side, or let you quit your job and start your own business. We focus on helping overcome the fear and intimidation of diving into subject matter that is embedded with arcane buzzwords and sophisticated concepts. By applying concepts of accelerated learning we break down business subjects and disciplines and give you the core 20% knowledge that gets you 80% of the practical skills and knowledge ASAP. Whether its corporate finance, entrepreneurship and startups, accounting, understanding financial statements, becoming a better negotiator, management and leadership, digital marketing and growth hacking, or how to draft and file a patent; we give you what you need to get to work.

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4.0 • 1 Rating; £3.49; £3.49; Publisher Description. I really enjoyed reading it being a Corporate Finance professional.