A Parrot for Life

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Rebecca K. O'Connor
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This useful book covers a variety of important topics like housing, nutrition, health care, training, and travel. It also provides insightful discussion on keeping a parrot healthy and content throughout an owners life changes, such as marriage, moving, and adopting other pets. Written by an experienced parrot keeper, falconer, and bird trainer, the author imparts her knowledge of training, behavior, and care in a fun and lively style.

This is because life in the wild is much harder. Food can be hard to find in some areas and because most parrots live in groups, there may not be enough to go around. A Parrot's Life For Me.

I hope you enjoy their daily antics as much as I do No... The parrot lifespan in the wild is not as long as it is for pet parrots. In the wild, many parrots don't make it to breeding age and many more live only ten or fifteen years.