A Good Doctor/Dearest Love/Love Can Wait/The Doubtful Marriage

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Betty Neels
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Dearest Love Titus Tavener was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife. Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms, but she was happy to accept the new position Titus was offering - until she complicated matters by falling in love with him! Love Can Wait When Kate and her mother were left in financial difficulty, she had little choice but to become Lady Cowder's housekeeper. Kate's salvation was her dream of starting her own catering business. Ideas of love and marriage would have to wait - until Lady Cowder's nephew visited. James instantly knew that Kate did not belong 'downstairs.' And he also knew he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about her... The Doubtful Marriage When Rauwerd van Kempler proposed to Tilly, he made it clear that it would be a marriage of convenience. He would have a wife to run his home and accompany him on social occasions. And Tilly would get the security of a roof over her head and a man who could be depended upon. But suddenly Tilly finds herself wanting more than their sensible agreement allowed...

The Love Doctor, a love expert and famous pod-caster, receives a phone call from a mysterious stranger on air and she is ready to reveal a secret that could ruin The Love Doctor's marriage and career. A Good Doctor/Dearest Love/Love Can Wait/The Doubtful Marriage. Paperback Betty Neels.

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work from both husband and wife to make a happy marriage and this is where most people get it wrong. You have to work towards making your marriage work consciously.