If I Had Your Face

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Frances Cha
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'Absolutely stunning. . . Assured, bold, and electrifying' Taylor Jenkins Reid, Sunday Times bestselling author of DAISY JONES & THE SIX'One of the buzziest debuts of the year, If I Had Your Face transports readers to glittering, futuristic Seoul... Essential reading in what Jia Tolentino memorably called the age of Instagram face' VogueA glitteringly dark and unsettling debut novel about four young women struggling to survive in South KoreaIf I Had Your Face plunges us into the mesmerizing world of contemporary Seoul - a place where extreme plastic surgery is as routine as getting a haircut, where women compete for spots in secret 'room salons' to entertain wealthy businessmen after hours, where K-Pop stars are the object of all-consuming obsession, and ruthless social hierarchies dictate your every move.Navigating this hyper-competitive city are four young women balancing on the razor-edge of survival: Kyuri, an exquisitely beautiful woman whose hard-won status at an exclusive 'room salon' is threatened by an impulsive mistake with a client; her flatmate Miho, an orphan who wins a scholarship to a prestigious art school in New York, where her life becomes tragically enmeshed with the super-wealthy offspring of the Korean elite; Wonna, their neighbour, pregnant with a child that she and her husband have no idea how they will afford to raise in a fiercely competitive economy; and Ara, a hair stylist living down the hall, whose infatuation with a fresh-faced K-Pop star drives her to violent extremes.'Engrossing...Each voice in this quartet cuts through the pages so cleanly and clearly that the overall effect is one of dangerously glittering harmony' Helen Oyeyemi, author of GINGERBREAD'Hilarious, cuttingly observant, feminist' Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Costa-shortlisted author of STARLING DAYS'Troubling, kaleidoscopic, and hugely enjoyable' Nell Zink, author of THE WALLCREEPER, NICOTINE and MISLAID'Excellent... Unsettling and deeply affecting' Rosie Price, author of WHAT RED WASONE OF THE EVENING STANDARD'S 'BEST BOOKS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2020'

Delivery options: Shipping to an ... If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha follows the daily lives of four friends in modern-day Seoul. In this contemporary novel, we meet four friends who take us through their daily lives in today's South Korea.

Jung Yun, the author of the novel "Shelter," is an... The scathing cinematic satire Parasite turned its lens on late-stage capitalism in South Korea and won four Oscars. Frances Cha's poignant debut, If I Had Your Face, also skewers the social mores of modern Seoul, where women's looks largely determine their material and marital prospects.