At His Countess' Pleasure

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Olivia Waite
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Anne Pym and Simon Rushmore are still reeling from the scandalous marriage of Anne's cousin to Simon's brother. But Simon's position as Earl of Underwood has shielded him from the harshest criticisms. In a bid to repair Anne's shattered reputation, Simon proposes a most practical solution-he will make her his countess and they will set about the business of producing an heir. But marriage is a beginning rather than an ending, and scandal has a long life. Old hurts and new family crises threaten their burgeoning passion, even as Simon finds himself more and more eager to submit to his strong-willed wife's every carnal command. When Anne's bitterest secret emerges, destroying their hopes for the future, Simon must learn whether he is enough to bring Anne a lifetime of happiness-and just how completely he is willing to submit.

She wasn't sure what she wanted to do beyond that, but one day, she ... At His Countess' Pleasure 158. by Olivia Waite.

Set on an island with a mansion of quite unique design, Franco ... On 3 August 1573 William Kirkcaldy, his brother James, James Cockkie, and James Mossman were executed by hanging. Morton obtained the records of the loans and pledges made by Kirkcaldy, and later wrote of his pleasure at this find to the Countess of Lennox.