Biotechnology Fundamentals Third Edition

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Firdos Alam Khan
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After successful launching of first and second editions of Biotechnology Fundamentals, ?we thought let us find out the feedbacks from our esteemed readers, faculty members, and students about their experiences and after receiving their suggestions and recommendation we thought it would be great idea to write 3rd edition of the book. ?Being a teacher of biotechnology, I always wanted a book which covers all aspects of biotechnology, right from basics to applied and industrial levels. In our previous editions, we have included all topics of biotechnology which are important and fundamentals for students learning. One of the important highlights of the book that it has dedicated chapter? for the career aspects of biotechnology and you may agree that many students eager to know what are career prospects they have in biotechnology. There are a great number of textbooks available that deal with molecular biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, medical biotechnology, or animal biotechnology independently; however, there is not a single book available that deals with all aspects of biotechnology in one book. Today the field of biotechnology is moving with lightening speed. It becomes very important to keep track of all those new information which affect the biotechnology field directly or indirectly. In this book, I have tried to include all the topics which are directly or indirectly related to fields of biotechnology. The book discusses both conventional and modern aspects of biotechnology with suitable examples and gives the impression that the field of biotechnology is there for ages with different names; you may call them plant breeding, cheese making, in vitro fertilization, alcohol fermentation is all the fruits of biotechnology. The primary aim of this book is to help the students to learn biotechnology with classical and modern approaches and take them from basic information to complex topics. There is a total of 21 chapters in this textbook covering topics ranging from an introduction to biotechnology, genes to genomics, protein to proteomics, recombinant DNA technology, microbial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, animal biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, medical biotechnology, nanobiotechnology, product development in biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, forensic science, regenerative medicine, biosimialars, synthetic biology, biomedical engineering, computational biology, ethics in biotechnology, careers in biotechnology, and laboratory tutorials. All chapters begin with a brief summary followed by text with suitable examples. Each chapter? illustrated by simple line diagrams, pictures, and tables. Each chapter concludes with a question session, assignment, and field trip information. I have included laboratory tutorials as a separate chapter to expose the students to various laboratory techniques and laboratory protocols.? This practical information would be an added advantage to the students while they learn the theoretical aspects of biotechnology. ?

Being a teacher of biotechnology, I always wanted a book ... This unit will cover classical and modern biotechnology, including recent developments in molecular biology and its applications in such diverse areas as agriculture, forestry, food, medicine and marine sciences. This includes an introduction to bio-prospecting and pharmaceuticals; genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics; environmental and industrial biotechnology and the current issues and ... Completely revised text that reflects to emergent trends and cutting-edge advances in pharmaceutical biotechnology, this Third Edition provides a well-balanced framework for understanding every major aspect of pharmaceutical biotechnology, including drug development, production, dosage forms, administration, and therapeutic developments.

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