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Indulgent and show-stopping, Vegan Cakes is the place where traditional baking rules are thrown out of the window, proving that you don't need dairy and eggs to create baking wonders. From a Pink Vanilla Dream Cake and Sherry Berry Trifle, to Rose and Ginger Cheesecake and Black Sesame Banana Bread, this book is for the new vegan on the block. The vegan who wants to eat cake, indulge, feast and feel GOOD about it. With delectable step-by-step recipes and enticing photos, along with guidance on vegan icing and decorations, this is the foolproof baking guide to creating decadent treats for every occasion. In the words of JAY-Z: 'Marie Antionette, baby, let 'em eat cake'.

My family all make variations of this recipe, my sister is the expert using choc chip with grated apple or choc chip with fresh cherries. It always comes out moist and flavoursome!! We ♥ it!! It's ... This Vegan Vanilla Cupcake recipe makes soft vegan cupcakes that utilize the cream method which involves beating or creaming Vegan Butter or margarine and sugar together, beating in an egg replacing liquid then mixing in the flour and remaining liquid at alternating stages.

For non-vegan, Ferrero Rocher cake is our most popular, followed by the Vanilla Raspberry cake and Chocolate Truffle cake. 📏 What Cake Sizes Can I Choose From? We offer an 8-inch size which serves up to 14. Vegan Cakes.