Havana Heat

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Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
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Miami PI Lupe Solano has been hailed as "one of the genre's most formidable protagonists" (Chicago Tribune). And with all the danger in her latest mystery, she'll need to be... A wedding is a time of celebration and joy. But for Lupe Solano, the jubilance is cut short by a chat after a chat with the unpleasant and incredibly wealthy Lucia Miranda-a member of a prominent Cuban exile family. She wants Lupe to travel to Cuba and recover a legendary tapestry that was originally given to Christopher Columbus by Queen Isabella. But fate placed it in the possession of one of Lucia Miranda's ancestors, who passed it down through the centuries as a priceless family heirloom until the Mirandas exiled themselves to the United States. The tapestry remains in a locked vault at the old Miranda estate in Havana. Lupe has visited Cuba before. But this time, she'll have to somehow enter the country, pull off a daring heist, and...somehow manage to survive. Praise for Carolina Garcia-Aguilera "Lupe Solano is an enjoyably hedonistic sleuth, and Garcia-Aguilera's chatty, congenial style will beguile readers for several pleasing hours." -Publishers Weekly "A stunning mixture of art history, Cuban-in-exile politics, a uniquely classy Miami heroine, and riveting plot make this highly recommended." -Library Journal "Lupe Solano has blossomed into one of the genre's most formidable protagonists." -Chicago Tribune

Chilean-born Alex Pertout, Australia's most prominent Latin Jazz percussionist, leads Havana Heat along with the acclaimed and awarded Cuban producer and musicologist, Cary Diez.They have teamed with Kape Communications to create a unique cultural and arts ... Havana Heat Form Guide. Earnings: $58,840 Win Range: 1400 - 1600m Win Rate: 15% Place Rate: 31%.

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