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Rusty Labuschagne
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About 70% of this book was written in my prison cell on a smuggled cell phone and emailed to myself. All sketches I did personally after prison.In 2003, without a body and against police evidence, I was wrongly convicted of drowning a fish poacher and spent 10 harrowing years under horrendous conditions in Zimbabwe's prisons during Mugabe's rule. I write about being subjected to conditions most people would find unbearable, having to draw on my inner resources and strengths to endure the unimaginable. In the process, I developed not only a life-saving resilience but also empathy and a keen desire to help my fellow inmates. My faith in God, positive mental attitude, leadership qualities, and lessons in forgiveness, gratitude, and humility bring a personal, transformative and authentic message of hope and freedom.

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Videos. My eBook is finally on Amazon! Over the next few months, I will be posting short video clips of my story twice a week.